Who We Are

Pharma Research outsourcing and analytical solutions provided by Sambi Pharma are truly cost effective and bring added value of experienced team of scientists.

We at Sambi Pharma invent solutions by “connecting atoms” to some of the most complex and challenging issues that impact pharma research across the world. We focus on the early stages of drug discovery and we partner with leading companies for outsourced Pharmaceutical Research.

By leveraging powerful technology and innovative research, our scientists bring groundbreaking inventions into every field that chemistry reaches. We have only one motto – to give our customers our absolute best. We work day in and day out pushing ourselves hard to excel in what we do.

We deeply believe in the power of collaboration, and hence, we collaborate with the best minds in the industry. With state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and top scientists by our side, we aim to achieve great things in pharma research. We understand the competitive landscape we operate in, and we thrive to stand tall by using the most cutting edge technology and incredibly innovative research methods.

Our Growth Story

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  • To be the best CRO/ CDMO that expedites the R&D for every customer
  • Cost effective and On Time In Full Delivery (OTIF)



To strengthen the R&D world by helping it reduce its costs & time for more innovation and productivity.



Business Conduct and Ethics:

Established in 2019, Sambi Pharma has played a pivotal role in offering Chemistry services to a diverse range of businesses through dedicated research and manufacturing. In our operations, we aim to earn the complete trust of our customers, supporting their mission and upholding the highest standards of business ethics. Prioritizing health and safety, we foster an inclusive and collaborative work culture, aspiring to grow alongside our customers.

Ethical Standards at the Core:

Sambi Pharma sticks to strong ethical principles in how we do business and carry out scientific research.
Watchful Eye on Safety:

Our EHS committee keeps a close watch on environmental, health, and safety matters to keep everyone secure.
Teaming up for Safety:

Sambi Pharma partners strategically with OSHA to make sure we follow strong safety measures according to the rules.
Playing by the Local Rules:

We follow local laws and rules strictly, showing our commitment to doing things right and responsibly.
Teamwork and Learning Together:

At Sambi Pharma, we build a workplace where everyone works together, learns on the job, and grows in their careers.

Our promise for your Pharma Research


  • Cost-effective solutions
  • On-time delivery, because we value your time
  • Updating ourselves on and utilizing the latest technology
  • Safeguard your intellectual property
  • Finally and most importantly, our transparency. We’ll keep you informed about every phase and every step taken.

Pharma Research Facilities

We are located in Hyderabad, one of the prime pharmaceutical research hubs in India to meet requiremens of pharma research outsourcing and provide cost-effective solutions. Our state-of-the-art facility is located at Lab Suite F-7A at MN iHub in Genome Valley, Hyderabad. It is the first of its kind incubation center in the whole country. It also offers early-stage and start-up life sciences companies a unique opportunity to work in top class, turn-key laboratories with custom designed office spaces and technology pilot plants. It offers a wide range of scientific and testing equipment, analytical and instrumentation laboratories, and support services. These infrastructural facilities are specifically designed to:

  • Fit our operational needs
  • Facilitate high-end R&D
  • Cost-effective solutions support for the development and commercialization of chemical processes and products.
Sambi Pharma Production area image
Sambi Pharma Production area image
Sambi Pharma Production area image


  • State-of-the-art research labs and analytical facility
  • Separate work station adjacent to the lab for record writing
  • e-LNB / p-LNB documentation protocols followed as per client requirement
  • non-GMP-Kilo-Lab

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