Business Conduct and Ethics

Established in 2019, Sambi Pharma has played a pivotal role in offering Chemistry services to a diverse range of businesses through dedicated research and manufacturing. In our operations, we aim to earn the complete trust of our customers, supporting their mission and upholding the highest standards of business ethics. Prioritizing health and safety, we foster an inclusive and collaborative work culture, aspiring to grow alongside our customers.


  • Ethical Standards at the Core:

Sambi Pharma sticks to strong ethical principles in how we do business and carry out scientific research.

  • Watchful Eye on Safety:

Our EHS committee keeps a close watch on environmental, health, and safety matters to keep everyone secure.

  • Teaming up for Safety:

Sambi Pharma partners strategically with OSHA to make sure we follow strong safety measures according to the rules.

  • Playing by the Local Rules:

We follow local laws and rules strictly, showing our commitment to doing things right and responsibly.

  • Teamwork and Learning Together:

At Sambi Pharma, we build a workplace where everyone works together, learns on the job, and grows in their careers.