Scientific Research Tailered to your needs


Bringing expensive scientific research within your reach

State of the art infrastructure


To play a keyrole in the API Development

e-LNB / p-LNB documentation


Protocols followed as per client’s requirement

Non-infringing processes


For Complex and Custom chemical synthesis

Discovery (CRO) Services

Sambi Pharma offers a broad range of contract research services which are forward integrated with our API services. All carried out at our state-of-the-art research center. Our team is composed of highly motivated scientists who trained at prestigious universities across the world. Our experienced team can perform a wide range of chemistry services such as:

  • Asymmetric synthesis
  • Organometallic chemistry
  • Metal mediated transformations
  • Nucleotide chemistry
  • Carbohydrates
  • Macro cyclic compounds
  • Fluorine and boron chemistry
  • Visible light chemistry
  • Electrochemical reactions
  • High pressure reactions
  • Cryogenic reactions


Lab Services:

        • Synthesizing NCEs
        • Library Synthesis for LI N LO Projects
        • Our Business Model Includes FTE n FFS Hybrid Models, Long term Multiyear contract and continuous material supply support.

Our Expertise in handling:

        • Heterocycles
        • Chiral Chemistry – Chiron & Asymmetric synthesis
        • Unnatural amino acids
        • Small peptides: Solution phase up to hexamers
        • Carbohydrates & Aza sugars
        • Nucleoside building blocks
        • PROTAC Chemistry
        • ADC Linkers
        • PEG- Lipids


Analytical chemistry:

      • Data analysis & interpretation
      • Method development & validation
      • Reporting the results & documentation

Quality Assurance and Quality Control:

      • At Sambi Pharma, utmost importance is given to Quality than business profits. With our quality culture across the company, we have built a remarkable reputation with clients.
      • Every member of our team is equally committed to delivering zero-defect products on time, and as promised to our customers.
      • The Principles of the Quality Management System adopted by the company are as per ISO 9001:2015 guidelines.



Process R&D & Manufacturing:

        • Chemical Synthesis – Route proposal, Selection and Synthesis
        • Process Development – Reaction optimization, Scale up studies, Product purification, Safety studies, Quality control, Process validation and Technology transfer.
        • Scale up & Manufacturing: Synthesis of Advanced API intermediates and KSM (Key Starting Material) from KG-MT Scale.
        • Loan licensed GMP/Non-GMP plants to offer commercial manufacturing activities.

Our In- House Pilot Plant Includes:

        • 100 L 200 L 500 L glass reactor with Heating/cooling system: –70°C to +150°C
        • 20 L high vacuum distillation unit
        • Pressure Nutsche filter, centrifuge
        • Autoclave ranging from 100ML – 25 L
        • Rotavapors ranging from 2L – 20 L
        • Vacuum Tray dryer

Our Lab Images

Sambi Pharma Production area image
Sambi Pharma Production area image
Sambi Pharma Production area image

Possibilities are endless, due to our State-of-the-art infrastructure:

        • State-of-the-art research labs and analytical facility
        • Separate work station adjacent to the lab for record writing
        • e-LNB / p-LNB documentation protocols followed as per client requirement
        • non-GMP-Kilo-Lab

Sambi Pharma Advantage

        • Early phase process development.
        • Late phase process development.
        • Commercial scale process development.
        • API process development.
        • Life cycle management.

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