CEOs Profile

Inspired by my Guru E.J. Corey


Chief Executive Officer

“The right route can deliver a safer, more sustainable, cost-effective process, and with more consistent scale-up batches and a fewer number of steps.”

Dr. Reddy is a highly motivated scientist who trained with Nobel Laureate and living legend in chemistry Professor E. J. Corey at Harvard University. He has over 20 years of scientific research experience in start-to-end drug development processes such as drug discovery, process development, process optimization, cost-effective and safer route designing, multi-tons scale-up,   synthesis of complex NCEs, total synthesis of biologically active molecule and development new methodologies.
Dr. Reddy has published over 50 scientific papers in highly respected journals like JACS, Angewandte Chemistry, Organic Letters, Chemical Communications, JOCs, and more in the area of asymmetric synthesis, organocatalysis, and multi-step synthesis. The American Chemical Society has recognized Dr. Reddy’s work as a “Noteworthy in Chemistry” several times. Chemical and Engineering News has highlighted Dr. Reddy’s work as “News of the Week.”  The Elsevier publications had also highlighted Dr. Reddy’s work on the cover page of Tetrahedron Letters.   The American Chemical Society had highlighted Dr. Reddy’s work on the cover page of the Journal of Organic Chemistry and Organic Letters. The royal society had highlighted Dr. Reddy work onthe cover page of Chemical Communications.

Prior to Sambi Pharma, Dr. Reddy has worked with well-reputed Pharma companies like Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Sai Life Science, Piramal Pharma Solutions, and has worked in prestigious universities like Harvard University-USA, RWTH University-Germany, IICT-India.

Dr. Reddy considers his biggest accomplishments as the many synthetic routes that he has designed and developed that are safe, cost-effective, and is capable of scale-up. Upon asking why he loves working at Sambi Pharma, he says “The opportunity to help the business grow while recognizing scientific knowledge, which is something that really motivates me to work.” He has proficiency in strategic planning, scientific recruitment, infrastructure development, quality compliance, due diligence, cGMP norms, and has done this all while working across cultures (Europe, America, Asia). His personal motto is “Develop a culture of scientists with business minds and we’ll play a leading role in building a high performing organization.” Dr.Reddy is one of the most experienced resources in the world pharmaceutical industry.